Why Conspiracy Theories And The Illuminati Are Not Real

How To Sell Your Soul To The Devil And Receive Riches Fame And Damnation

HBO's 'Game of Thrones' begins its final lap in April. Whenever we try to configure our present social miasma and successes, some of us remember what led us to the present, and some of us who know, conveniently forget, and many, the younger ones do not really know nor understand why it is that their lives might all of a sudden turn topsy-turvy or unpleasant. Many of our children and their children have no clue why they are what they are today-successful or failing in life. As historians, who are on FB and other social media, we clamor for and try our darnest to inform the present reading African intelligentsia, to come home to the reality of the poor and suffering African masses. This is not easy, and there are still not many takers.

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A long time ago, I read American Gods. It was okay. Liked the premise, did not care for the characters or world building. All in all, not my favorite book, nor even my favorite Gaiman book, but I continued to buy his work until we got in a Twitter spat about George RR Martin. Thus far, all was good in life.

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