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#links# Laurel learns about some damaging information that affects Emiko. Ganol is a similar site to Primewire, because they both have high-quality movies in their database. The good thing about this site is that there is an option where you can select the type of video quality that you want. The site also has TV shows in its wide range of content, which makes it a great place to binge-watch your favorite films. Also, the site has films from other countries which makes it a diversified movie website. They have fewer ads than a regular movie website which makes a great alternative to Primewire in all essence.

HACKBLOSSOM is an activist organization fighting for love in digital spaces. We facilitate the exchange of technical resources, activist initiatives, personal writing, and artistic projects that foster an inclusive culture of technology. Our community is one of radical support and feminist vision, welcoming all who reject violence and oppression. We are committed to building the digital world we deserve.

Now when I first started, every click on a page would link to a page other than where it said it was sending me. Most containing viruses. I discovered that there must have been invisible ad's or links over the actual links. I installed ABP and bingo, the problem was gone. Now links worked as intended. Ok flash forward to now. Now when I click on a link (using firefox 43.0.4) instead of opening the link in a new window (window 2). It opens an identical new window (new window 2 is same as current window 1 ) and current window (window 1) changes to another "Ad" page. Pages asking me to update java, or update flash, or some other software update. All of which my AV flags as "dangerous". Now in the new identical window (Window #2) looks like where I started and now the links work fine.

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