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updatequeuedtransactions is cool, but we want this to happen every block, automatically. So the next step was to add a hook that calls updatequeuedtransactions whenever a new block arrives. This should have been simple, but I quickly noticed that whenever this hook resulted in broadcasting a transaction, an assertion error would get logged, and the transaction would never broadcast. A quick inspection showed that the broadcast console command should never be called from the network thread, and the hook was indeed being called from the network thread (where the incoming block event came from). After a little bit of tinkering, I determined that the simplest approach was just to re-emit the incoming block event to the GUI thread, and then call updatequeuedtransactions from the GUI thread's event.

The Games should have been called The Australian National competitions. Commentating was biased and embarassing to say the least. The commentators got personal about other countries when it looked like Australia was going to lose. This is not how I want my country to be observed by overseas and I do not think this is what Aussies are like. It would have been nice if they had interviewed other countries instead of just Aussies. In the end I kept switching channels as I am sure a lot of others did. Channel 9 and the Commonwealth Committee should be ashamed of themselves - they have let us down.

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