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Watch all the Indian and Pakistani Television Shows, Dramas, Reality Shows, Showbiz News, and Hollywood Movies, bollywood Movies, Punjabi and Hindi Films. Savion Wright, 21 - Savion was another one of my favorite this Wednesday. An ADHD sufferer who found an outlet and salvation in music, he waited eight long years to audition for "Idol" until he thought he was truly ready. (A far cry from the many deluded, unprepared auditioners who've tried out for this show in the past.) Maybe he was just waiting till Harry joined the cast, since he said he's been a fan of Harry's since age 10. Anyway, it was worth the wait. Savion's original song, the brooding but folksy "Dark Side of Me," was actually great. "The other competitors are going to be very intimidated by you," Harry predicted.

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I wish all the stereotypes would just stop. Im a black woman. I will admit Im not typically attracted to men under 5' I don't listen to or like rap music therefore i don't want a man with "rap swag " in fact I prefer an atheist man who loves any music but rap and country music. I prefer an i intellectual nerdy type who is just a little bit goofy and akward. Pretentious men never impressed me. I also like Tyler Perry's work,yes I think he's funny but I much prefer a man who doesn't "get" Tyler Perry. I also love film but I prefer independent films and would rather be intellectually or cerebrally challenged when I read a book or watch a film. I don't understand sports but I think its fun to snuggled up and watch with my guy. So yes I wish all the stereotypes would just stop. Not all black woman like the same thing in a man. I personally don't care if my man is lower middle class as long as he's funny educated and loves knowledge.

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For years the film industry has loved to use the richness of Catholicism to enhance story lines in movies and television shows. They love using our architecture, confessionals, rosaries, cassocks, and prayers because they offer so much sensory recognition and drama. These are the same reasons Catholics are so ripe for slapstick which admittedly can be funny. However, as America rapidly moves into an era of declining Christianity and increased secularism , we see our pop culture presence reduced nearly exclusively to cheap laughs and even flat out bigotry.

Yet the combination of improved internet connections and improved video compression algorithms now means that you can even experience hi definition video online. These videos aren't grainy or plagued by compression artifacts. They're crisp and clear, sometimes significantly more clear than what you view on your old standard definition television set.

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