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The Impressionist movement originated in Paris in the 1860s. Since I have translated (and published) numerous lists of sovereigns (there were queens, I am sure you accept that) in Egypt, Samaria, Sumeria, Canaan, etc. and sometimes they are intermixed. Some of this is done to create an aura around a subordinate group as with the massive plagiarism of John who was exited to the island of Patmos to pen his torrid tome on the End Time Battle, embellishing the theft of the not-to-real prophet Isaiah's account of Armageddon that came by reintroducing with a twist the war record of Thutmosis III in 1472 to recount his successful battle against the assembled kings at Megido. Those who cannot think for themselves or reach out to strike those who oppose them (as with Billy and Franklin Graham-two obfuscating twits) will dredge up that is not historically based. It is incumbent on today's scholars as with scholars for all times to investigate and research before putting pen to paper.

One fact that seems to emerge, meanwhile, is that there occurred in the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries a cultural change which caused many settlements to grow into cities. There appears to have been, at about this time, a tremendous expansion in the demand for African goods, and a culmination of the process which had gradually brought coastal Africans into trading settlements over previous centuries.

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Like any well-cast 'wives, Cynthia Bailey, Kandi Burruss and Co. amuse and dismay with their absurdly themed social gatherings, ill-fated girls' trips — this season, they'll head to Japan, Lord help the Land of the Rising Sun — long-simmering rivalries and breathtaking lack of self-awareness. But unlike their peers holding court in other cities, who tend to give off the impression they've molded their lifestyles and personas to fit this particular genre, these ladies seem more, well, real. They are authentically preposterous.

In the words of the quantum particle physicist Stephen M. Barr, of the Bartol Research Institute at the University of Delaware, these people who believed in the absolute reality of matter were almost no different from the pagans of the past. Just like the ancient pagans, materialists describe humans as essentially sub-human. Pagans deified matter; materialists did the same thing by denying the soul and reducing everything to the level of matter. Pagans declared that events were determined by the orbits of the planets and the stars; materialists claimed that they were controlled by the ebb and flow of the hormones in their brains. Pagans prostrated themselves to worship in front of false animal deities; materialists claimed that they were no more than animals themselves.

The news about the bombing in Colorado at the TDKR premiere was heartbreaking. If only Batman were real, I'm sure he'd take the bastard out and run him over with the Bat Pod. Christian Bale swoons visited the victims and it's a reminder that a person doesn't have to be a superhero to reach out.

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