Weight Loss Transformation, Binge Eating, & Body Image Struggle

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Losing weight the French way is a lifestyle, not a diet. What I have noticed from many people who try to lose weight, is that when they start to exercise, they go all out. They try to run for a whole hour in the first week of exercising, which obviously won't work. They would give up about 10 minutes in and won't try again because they would be too tired.

One of the pioneers in bariatric surgery in Mexico is Ariel Ortiz Lagardere MD, FACS with Obesity Control Center in Tijuana. With more than twenty years of experience in surgery and teaching such techniques as lap band surgery to doctors in Mexico and the United States, he took us right inside the operating room to see a gastric sleeve procedure. It is is one of the most popular procedures today.

I'm young, about to go into my first year of highschool, and I've always had self esteem problems, but I have never gotten the motivation to workout. Most fitness apps have monthly subscriptions which made it even harder for me to want to lose weight. The fact that this app is completely free and gives free 30 day workout and meal plans really helps out. This app has finally given me the motivation to just get up and workout. I have always had horrible self esteem problems, and I'm not proud of it, but I feel that this amazing app can help better my self esteem. In about 1 week of using this app while maintaining a healthy diet, I have lost 3 pounds and I am hoping that by the end of these 30 days I will not only feel healthier on the inside, but that I will also feel happier with what's on the outside. I defiantly would recommend this app to ANYONE who has a tough time keeping up with daily workout routines.

Get Paid to Lose Weight — Seriously. She nailed it — lost 63 pounds and won $3,180. Kimie Pruessner found out about HealthyWage through her employer and lost over 50 pounds in 10 months. She won $2,500. For Angela Harkins, it was about doing something positive for herself and saving money to build a home.

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