Weight Loss Tips

Lose Weight & Start Slimming With Diets That Work

There are many of us who are full-time homemakers or work professionally from home. For the first two weeks, continue your diet, but have three unrestricted meals a week. For the next two weeks, increase this to five per week. Your weight should stabilise. Keep increasing until you have nine unrestricted meals and five low-calorie meals from the diet a week.

The programme, which will be broadcast on a local channel in Siberia's coal-rich Kemerovo region, is a part of the regional government's efforts to raise awareness over the problem of obesity. Governor Aman Tuleyev says he borrowed the idea from the United Arab Emirates, the Business FM radio station reports "There, people get rewarded in gold for getting slimmer. We will also pay - not in gold coins, but in coal," he says. Dubai launched the "Your Weight in Gold" scheme in 2013, offering a gram of the precious metal for every kilogram in weight a person loses.

If you wish to lose weight, you will have to always keep track of the calories you take. Do not just estimate sizes, especially when you are starting. You will be surprised at the serving sizes for most of the foods you like. You can add lots of calories very easily to your daily intake when you estimate measurements and end up derailing the results of your weight loss. You can use a calorie tracker or a fitness app to stay on track.

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