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Ten Strategies To Lose Weight Backed By New Research

The desire to lose weight is one thing most people have in common. The founders of Weight Loss and Beauty Qigong were two Qigong practitioners, one of them a lady doctor, Qigong enthusiast and teacher, and the other one an elderly gentleman, an experienced Qigong practitioner. Both of them came across many techniques in old forms of Qigong that were very effective in combating body fat, so they selected and combined a few of them into a new form and simply called it Weigh Loss and Beauty Qigong. Indeed, it is a very good beauty therapy at the same time. Not only that it would get rid of excess kilos, but the skin would stay firm and smooth around the area where the fat used to be. Despite the fact that, in some cases, there would be a reduction of 30 or more kilos (approx. 70lbs). It is especially good for the skin on the face and hair, making it lustrous and shiny.

So if you ate the same number of calories as you do now, but did it the way the French, Japanese, Finns or Greeks do, why would you lose weight? It's largely because their diets are more plant-based, said Azzeddine Azzam, a professor of agricultural economics who conducted the research with Sarah Rehkamp, a graduate student who now works for the U.S. Department of Agriculture, and Christopher Gustafson, an assistant professor of Agricultural Economics.

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