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12 Tips To Help You Lose Weight On The 12

It's not just you: stomach fat can be particularly tricky to get rid of! When presented with food products promoted as sustainable, the researchers find that people are led to care more about the needs and well-being of society, which naturally focuses on the future. Thus, by preserving resources for future generations, consumption decreases. At the same time, the individual consumer personally benefits by eating less, which means a decrease in the damaging health effects of overconsumption (and hey, their pants might even fit a bit better). So if a consumer wishes to get lean, it pays to eat green.

When the temperature drops, so does our motivation to exercise (Who wants to brave the bluster when your slippers are, like, right there?) Sure, snow squalls have a way of adding drama to even the simplest of errands, but they can also do your body good—activities like shoveling snow, scraping ice off your windshield, power-walking down a poorly-plowed street, and having a snowball fight with bae can burn major calories, not to mention rev up your metabolism and promote insulin sensitivity (which can help quash sugar cravings), says Florida-based registered dietitian Alyssa Cohen , R.D.

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