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Lose weight fast without even thinking about it. My advice is to not using anything from this article for sustained weight loss. Instead, I'd love to see you google Precision Nutrition Get Shredded Diet", which provides a rapid fat loss plan that's based on actual fat (not water) loss. Another approach would be to google Precision Nutrition Intermittent Fasting", which provides another alternative.

Why are you eating? Are you truly hungry or is it just that time of day? Or perhaps, there is just food around that looks good. Take a moment to think about what is driving you to eat at this particular moment and take note of any behavior that is not helping you move towards you goals. There is nothing wrong with eating when you're not hungry, or eating for pleasure, but make sure you are aware of why you are doing it and do your best to make it a positive experience free of guilt and any negative emotions.

Lets get real for a sec, there is no perfect diet and what has worked for one person might not work for another. However we have found that just by eating plenty of fresh whole foods, and cutting out the processed junk foods you will see a massive improvements in health, performance and body composition. Theres is more to food than just fuel and feeding the body, its our relationship with food and our habits around food that cause us to be successful or not.

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