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If you're sleeping, you're not eating. HealthyWage does not give you a specific routine, though there are step challenges where you can also earn money by taking a certain amount of steps. For example, my current challenge requires me to increase my daily steps by 10%! So far I'm totally knocking this out of the park.

Restriction - The Restrictive Component is achieved by surgically forming an egg-sized" stomach pouch, called the stoma. The new smaller stomach holds about two ounces of food (average stomach capacity of 40 ounces). This restrictive component is similar to the one in gastric sleeve and lap band surgery. Cutting the big portion of the stomach also reduces the level of hunger hormones (Ghrelin) which causes patients to feel fuller with smaller amounts of food.

Hosted by the spectacular L'Albereta resort in Italy, this programme is all about getting you to be the best physical version of yourself you can be. After an initial medical assessment, your treatment will be personalised to your individual needs, which are then constantly monitored by medical specialists.

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