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BISON YEAR IN UKRAINE Terrestrial Ecosystems Research

Believe it or not, it is possible to learn how to eat healthy at a Mexican restaurant. Ukraine for some strange reason smells real bad especially the houses and metro stations. Also the people are one of the most ignorant of races yet they carry on like they are better than all others. When came to Ukraine, I was and I still am highly disappointed. I noticed that personal hygiene is also non-existent here. But I did notice that many of the girls dress very well. Although I really wonder how they are able to afford it given the fact that there are not that many jobs.

If your average body needs 2000 calories and you create a deficit of 300 calories and you follow this diet for 2 days. You created a deficit of 600 calories and then comes the birthday of your close friend and he gives you a treat at Mcdonalds (image credit- google).

HuffPo did an article on HealthyWage when they just started out in 2011. The Huffington Post mentions that insurers and data scientists buy up the results. They don't buy your personal data, but look to see if certain financial incentives are better than others for losing weight.

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