The Chinese Secret

Lose Weight By Eating Chinese Food

Find healthy, delicious Russian recipes. Resetting my taste buds was the hardest part. It took months. But now, processed food is something I'd rather not eat, because all it will do is make me hungry later. I still love a good steak or burger, or a piece of pizza, or an amazing piece of cheese. The big difference these days is that I'd never eat a burger two days in a row, or scarf down half of a pizza. It's too rich. The day after a meal like that, I now crave a salad or a vegetable soup. At first I had to play games with myself to temper my desire for rich food. But it only took a few months before that resistance became automatic. I prefer a great bowl of lentil soup or Greek salad, provided it's fresh and made with quality ingredients, to another greasy burger, even if that first burger was awesome.

Yes, dehydration due to reduced intake of fluids may become severe in hot and humid climates like the UAE's, especially among those who perform hard physical labour. On top of this, hyperglycemia can result in the loss of body fluid through excessive urination, and contribute to depletion of electrolytes in the body. To combat this, it's very important that fluid intake during non-fasting hours is maintained at a regular pace from iftar through to suhoor.

If you want to lose weight and keep it off, you have to change your behavior not just until you reach your goal weight, but for the months and years to follow. That's because as soon as you stop your diet," you're likely to gain back the pounds you worked so hard to shed. To be successful at weight loss, you need to make sustainable lifestyle changes, like making healthy food choices at almost every meal, and getting plenty of exercise every week.

Researchers have managed to pinpoint the exact times to eat your breakfast, lunch and dinner if you're slimming. They found that the best time to have your breakfast is just after 7am, 7.11am to be precise. It's better to get stuck into your lunch sooner rather than later between 12.30pm and 1pm, with 12.38pm the best time. And when it comes to dinner, the later you leave it the worse it can be for your diet - the optimum time for dinner is between 6pm and 6.30pm, 6.14pm preferably.

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