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Don't Pay To Lose Weight — Get Paid For It Instead

Working of Red Tea Detox. Therapeutic fasting is a medical treatment of proven efficacy for many chronic conditions, and its therapeutic applications are manifold. The treatment has an immediate effect and generates long-term results. It is a unique opportunity to regenerate your organism in its entirety. Your stay will focus on five main areas: detoxification, mineralisation, inflammatory stress, hormonology, and the digestive system.

Losing weight is hard, and keeping it off is even harder. This may explain at least some of the waning national interest in weight loss, said senior study author Dr. Jian Zhang, a public health researcher at Georgia Southern University in Statesboro.

Another thing that keeps me motivated is setting and achieving weight loss goals. My first goal was to get to 99kg, breaking the 'triple digits'. Then to 78kg, which according to my BMI was the boundary from being obese to overweight. My next goal, which is 2kg away, is to get to 65kg, the boundary from being overweight to normal, healthy weight. Also the support from the Lofat team helped me stay on the right path.

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