Summer Slimming Lose Weight For The Summer

Is Weight Loss Easier In Hot Weather?

If you haven't, there's still time. As I write this, I'm at my desk where I sit for eight hours a day. However, I'm not hunched over like a soft potato - I'm bobbing up and down, rolling around, and balancing. I'm also having a lot of fun. This is because I sit on a Gaiam exercise ball all day. According to some experts, using an exercise ball instead of a regular desk chair can help you burn an additional 350 calories per day. Furthermore, your legs, back, and core get toned because you're constantly using them to balance yourself.

Juicing is sometimes celebrated as a great way to detox your system or kick start your diet. After all, drinking nothing but nutrient dense fruits and vegetables can't be bad for you, right? Well, it turns out juicing is not exactly the same as including whole food produce into your diet. The act of juicing removes the fiber from the fruit and veggies leaving you with the liquid-rich extracts that contain mostly water soluble vitamins.

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