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11 Benefits Of Drinking Tea Before Bed

Here's a look at some Weight Loss Support groups near Dubai. Respondents were asked, Are you now trying to lose weight, gain weight, stay about the same, or are you not trying to do anything about your weight?" Respondents who answered that they were trying to lose weight were then asked, Are you currently doing any of these things to control your weight?" and were shown a flash card with 12 specific weight-control strategies: nothing, joined a weight-loss program, eating fewer calories, eating special food products such as canned or powdered food supplements, exercising more, eating less fat, skipping meals, taking diet pills, taking laxatives, taking water pills or diuretics, vomiting, and fasting for ≥24 hours. Respondents were asked to select as many strategies as appropriate. The response items were not mutually exclusive and any possible combination of these strategies could describe respondents' weight-loss practices.

The Russian government wants to receive 95 bln rubles ($1.5 bln) from the privatization of 10.9% of the voting shares of VTB, according to the explanatory note to the 2017-2019 draft budget, available to Vedomosti. Based on the price quotations at the close of Thursday's trading on the Moscow Exchange, the package is worth 97 bln rubles ($1.54 bln), based on the weighted average price in 2016 - 100.7 bln rubles ($1.6 bln). Thus VTB could be sold at a discount to the market price of 2.1 or 5.6%.

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