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One of the best, yet healthiest things you can do to lose weight is by drinking more water. Cristal, thanks for dropping by to comment. Eating healthy-for example eating complex carbohydrate like whole grains, lots of vegetables, lean meat, beans are good ways of stabilizing blood glucose levels. Exericse is essential too. It's important to follow doctor's advice. I wish you well and you must be commended for taking care of your health and wanting the best for your kids. If you check back in a couple of weeks, I may just do an article on your suggestion-eating to keep diabetes in check. Take care and all the best.

Cleanse the Tongue. Tongue cleaning is considered an important element of daily oral hygiene, removing bacteria and toxins that have accumulated on the tongue overnight. Because this practice serves to stimulate and cleanse the digestive tract and the vital organs, it also supports the natural detoxification of the system at large, and can bolster digestive and metabolic function. Beyond that, scraping the tongue each morning allows us to take notice of the coating on our tongues and to begin to see how our dietary choices and lifestyle habits influence our overall health from one day to the next. 9 Banyan's stainless steel Tongue Cleaner is balancing for all three doshas.

Dr Susan Roberts is a professor of nutrition and professor of psychiatry at Tufts University, and author of The "i" Diet She has not taken money from food companies for the food endorsements in this article. She welcomes comments on the program through her Web site and encourages you to become her friend on her just-started Facebook site , where she is setting up an interactive process to further improve The "i" Diet with new recipes and menus.

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