Miss Iceland Quits Beauty Contest After She Was Told She Has 'Too Much Fat'

Miss Iceland Quits Pageant After Owner Says She's Too Fat

Are you a Binge Eater? Long-term weight management is also the goal of the Ideal-Weight programme at this gorgeous resort on picturesque Koh Samui, which recently held a pop-up spa at Bamford Haybarn with Condé Nast Traveller. Kamalaya's overarching ethos of encouraging change and supporting self-discovery runs through this programme, which is designed to help identify areas of physical imbalance and related emotional or mental patterns and guide you towards achieving your optimal weight. It's a multi-pronged approach, and as spiritual as it is sporty; advice on nutrition, naturopathy and traditional Chinese medicine from holistic practitioners is combined with physical evaluations, personal fitness training, hands-on treatments and hands-off therapies. Try Chi Nei Tsang abdominal massage, said to relieve digestive problems and stress, or sessions inside a far infrared sauna, which can burn calories while boosting detoxification. At the end of the week, bid farewell to your excess baggage.

The Mexican Ministry of Health offers a reputable accreditation known as the CSG (El Consejo de Salubridad General, which means The General Health Council") that is modeled after JCI accreditation. CSG has a specific set of standards to address international patient safety. CSG accreditation serves as an indicator that you're going to a well respected hospital with a safe track record.

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