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Natural Weight Loss

5 days ago. Most people when mentioning Weight Loss and Beauty Qigong praise its weight loss aspect. But to me, it not only helped with my weight problem, more importantly, it helped me get rid of my hepatitis that I suffered from for years. A few years back when I had some tests done, the doctors found that I had some liver function abnormalities (GPT) and I was diagnosed with hepatitis. Three years later, at one stage, my tests got better, but soon after, I got busy at work and my liver problem relapsed. I was hospitalised several times, being treated by both western and Chinese medicine, but without great results. My GPT skyrocketed to more than 100 units, when normally it should be below 30. A year later, they also found that I had fatty liver and I felt very depressed. Due to getting lots of bed rest, plus eating high calorie foods, I gradually put on a lot of weight. At the age of 27, height 179cm (5.9 foot) I ended up with 93 kilos (205 lb) and my waist was 98.5cm (38.8 inch).

You should never put your dog on a diet without the assistance of your veterinary healthcare team. There may be an underlying medical condition that is causing or contributing to your dog's excess weight. Some common diseases associated with weight gain include hypothyroidism and hyperadrenocorticism (Cushing's disease). These diseases, along with others, should be eliminated as possible causes or contributors to your dog's weight problem prior to beginning a diet. Too many dogs start on a diet and fail to lose weight simply because the diet was not the problem - a disease was. Your veterinarian will perform a physical examination and recommend blood tests to ensure that there are no obstacles to weight loss for your pet.

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