Lose Weight Fast Without Exercise

How To Get Lean In Time For Summer

A calorie deficit is the energy shortfall that results from using more energy than you absorb from food. Small serving bowls and small plates are a great way to eat smaller portions. I love to mix up attractive small plates and bowls in different shapes and sizes. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing to eat from these but it helps you eat smaller portions. Chopsticks are an easy way to avoid the shovel techniques of eating. For the average American inexperienced chopstick user, they are guaranteed to slow down your rate of consumption and give your stomach time to send the message to your brain that you're full and it's time to stop eating.

Autumn and winter were found to be the worst seasons for dieting, with male and female weight loss hopefuls gaining up to 5 pounds and 4 pounds, respectively. Dieters may be under the false pretense winter is the worst season for our waistlines, but in fact it's come second to autumn since many go on post-Christmas diets in January, and actually lose an average of 3 pounds. June is the best month to lose weight after January, as dieters shed an average of 2 pounds.

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