Lose Weight After 50

Easy, Healthy Way To Lose Weight

Go Low Carb. As the sun is beginning to show face again and I slowly emerge from my winter hibernation, I am becoming increasingly aware of my extra winter padding. So, keen to get my bikini body back (and dreaming of lazy beach missions languishing in the sultry sun), I dug a little deeper into what works to lose weight fast before summer (without having to resort to starvation). It all comes down to the right exercise and smart eating habits.

Yet again, the rule is pretty simple. You have to consume as many vegetables and fruits as you can along with sufficient intake of water. We have already told you which fruits and vegetables you can consume and which of them are restricted. On the day 3, you will follow the same instructions. From the list of vegetables and fruits you can decide what combination you want to have. You just have to ensure that by the end of the day, you have consumed a good variety of fruits and vegetables.

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