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Russian Pie

Best Fast Weight-Loss Diets If you want to lose weight fast, your best bet is the HMR Program, according to the health experts who rated the diets below for U.S. News. If you drink regular, go to 2%. If you already drink 2%, go down another notch to 1% or skim milk. Each step downward cuts the calories by about 20 percent. Once you train your taste buds to enjoy skim milk, you'll have cut the calories in the whole milk by about half and trimmed the fat by more than 95 percent. One disclaimer: There are times when fat-free dairy isn't the best option.

I used to be a heavy drinker back then but I decided to stop the habit. After I stopped drinking, I was stuck with this annoying big tummy that you see on the left picture. I tried so many stuff just to get rid of it but it was hard. My struggles ended when I started taking this Slimup Detox Tea. Now my pot belly has disappeared and I look handsome as ever.

You will then set your weight loss goal and then have a time-frame. You can either win or lose the money you wager depending on whether you achieved your goal or not. Every few months they have competitions you can join to win a share of $10000 or more.

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