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Why French Children Are Taught To Love Food Instead Of Its Nutrition And Dieting —

Our compadres south of the border boast a unique and flavorful cuisine steeped in history and bursting with native ingredients dating back to the Aztecs. to handle going out if that's something you do often, because all my friends like to go out here, the safest drink to get is vodka and soda water with a lime if you're a drinker. you can switch the vodka with any clear liquor. don't do the darks, too much sugar and soda water has zero calories. the lime takes away the edge. so this the most figure friendly drink you can get because god knows china doesn't carry mich ultra. i order a double and nurse that thing all night long. i may end up ordering a second if i want to feel like i'm not the only sober person around but i don't care if anyone notices that i nurse my drinks anymore. and i'll do the same with beer if i feel like saving cash. at all times, i try to avoid eating when i go out. seriously this is something i still need to work on. i look at my diary and find a very ugly pattern of bad food choices when i drink.

We, being the representatives of Mykola Arkas First Ukrainian grammar school in Mykolayiv, are trying to preserve our state language. Because we keep in mind the memories about long-lasting slaughterous wars for the opportunity to live speaking native language. We remember from history how long foreign languages were imposed on Ukrainians. Moreover, we know that hundreds of lives were sacrificed for the right to use our national language. Nowadays we can freely communicate in the languages of our forefathers and preserve our original culture. Especially in the time of building a young state.

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