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Autumn Calabrese On Dieters' Biggest Mistakes

It's the season of relaxing vacations, sunbathing (just use your SPF!), and endless margaritas. 7. Emotional eating: There are days when we just feel down and don't want to do anything but eat a tub of ice cream, devour a cake, or order a deep-dish pizza and watch our favourite movies. The key to dealing with emotional eating is to consciously take control of the situation. When you're just about to delve into whatever you've chosen, walk away and run a bath, paint your nails, or simply step outside, take a few deep breaths and ask yourself if you really want to eat it.

So it's really no wonder when these diet teas purport to "aid weight reduction by cleansing toxins and waste material while energizing the body." This is otherwise known as diarrhoea. And in case you still had any doubts, this particular diet tea even reassures drinkers that "the increased bowel movements during the first week after drinking is a natural cleansing action resulting in the body releasing excess toxins and unwanted gas pockets." Uh-huh.

I don't recommend detox for children, obvi, but if they will eat dinners, snacks, etc… with you, it's really just eating real, whole foods. Usually moms (including myself) will make Renewal meals for whole family and usually the food is so yummy, kids don't mind. Dipping their food helps (with hummus, dips, salsas etc…) helps, too. All the meals are normal foods so even a quickie substitution with a fruit, etc… will do the trick.

A new study in the journal Molecular Cell sought to measure how fat works in mice. There are two types of fat in our bodies, and not all of it is bad. There's "white" fat, the unhealthy type that stores excess energy, and there's "brown" fat, the healthier type that generates heat. In recent years, humans have had less and less brown fat, because we live in climate-controlled environments, but we might be missing out on brown fat's ability to control insulin and rev up metabolism.

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