Dr. Siegal's COOKIE DIET Weight

Clean Eatz Weight Loss Meal Plan

Spring - time for thoughts to turn to holiday wardrobes … and the extra pounds we've put on in the winter months. There's one last key piece to this puzzle. To end each workout, I include an intense metabolic accelerator," such as the kettlebell jump or kettlebell swing. These are power exercises that you do quickly for about 10 seconds, interspersed with about 50 seconds of rest. So it's sort of like doing eight to ten 100-yard sprint intervals, but without the need for a track. That means they're great for burning calories and boosting your post-workout metabolism, which results in even greater fat loss.

When I need to give my diet a reboot, I focus on having two nourishing, planned snacks per day, like a pear and pecans, or grape tomatoes and string cheese, or berries and yogurt. And I put the snacks on a plate, sit down and enjoy them." This part is especially key. When you graze or snack mindlessly, you don't register those foods as well as when you plate them. No plate? No problem! Use a paper towel, napkin, cup or whatever is available to you to help you eat more mindfully.

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