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Get Paid To Lose Weight. Numerous studies show that people who eat their veggies are more likely to be within a healthy weight range and less likely to have diabetes, high cholesterol or heart disease. Veggies are low in calories, but high in vitamins, minerals and gut friendly fibre. So it's surprising that the research indicates over 90% of us don't eat enough vegetables. Recommendations are 5 serves of vegetables per day, with one serve being about 75g or ½ cup chopped. Increase your veggie consumption by spreading them out over 2-3 meals per day, experiment with different ways of cooking them and use low fodmap herbs and spices to add flavour.

The 5:2 diet. Eat as much as you need to feel satisfied 5 days of the week and then eat calorie-restricted on two days (500 calories per day for women, 600 calories for men). I don't recommend this as it requires calorie counting and more planning, but some people still find they enjoy it.

So French people savor every bite of their meals, choose flavorful foods, and dine with others. But that's not all — when they eat matters, too They tend to eat a small breakfast, a large lunch (their biggest meal of the day), and a reasonable dinner.

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