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I'm Running Or Riding A Lot But I'm Not Losing Weight

Maru Davila, author of "The Mexican Food Diet," explains in her new book why Mexican food is best for getting healthy and losing weight. Fluids are as important as solids when it comes to maintaining optimum health. As already discussed, drink plenty of water. The best bet would be plain water with some natural flavoring. You can also treat yourself to a smoothie, provided you keep in mind not to add excess sugar or dairy products to it.

1From the Department of Public Health, University of Helsinki; the Department of Psychiatry, Helsinki Central University Hospital; the Danish Epidemiology Science Centre, Institute of Preventive Medicine, Copenhagen University Hospital; the Department of Public Health, University of Turku, Finland; and the Department of Mental Health and Alcohol Research, National Public Health Institute, Helsinki.

Furthermore, eating out in Europe is expensive. When we lived in the US we ate out a LOT, just because it was available, convenient and cheap. Eating out obviously is not a good choice health wise because you do not know what is in your food even if you try and make fairly healthy choices and the portion sizes in the US were HUGE to me.

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