67 Guaranteed Ways To Lose Weight

Ah, winter. Pristine snow covered trees, mountains, and lakes are all good reasons to go for a hike during the winter (along with less-crowded trails and the absence of bugs). While hiking on soft or compact snow requires more effort, it's also one of the quickest ways to lose weight in cold temperatures. During winter, you may be hiking on snow or the same trails used by skiers," says Mike Bracko , a sports physiologist and skating coach. It's like walking or running in sand, and it is more difficult, so you are automatically burning more calories." Hiking on uneven terrain has been shown to burn more calories; add hiking poles and you can burn even more. Hiking with poles helps with stability and you burn more calories because you are using your arms," says Bracko. Hiking is also good for your brain, and it can help improve mood, creativity, and memory.

A little support from your partner might just be the very thing you need to finally ditch those unwanted pounds. According to research published in PLoS One , while couples tend to have healthier habits, including drinking and smoking less, than their single counterparts, they still tend to gain weight together. Fortunately, since couples tend to mimic one another's behavior—for better or for worse—getting your significant other on your team when it comes to weight loss can help you make some serious changes and finally ditch that spare tire.

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