5 Dishes You Should Avoid (And The 5 You Should Order) At Indian Restaurants

11 Excellent Indian Home Remedies To Lose Weight Fast

If you're less than 20 lbs. As the name suggests, this diet removes acid-forming foods like meat, wheat, grains, sugar and dairy and focusses on lots of alkaline-promoting foods like fish, vegetables and fruit. The theory is that excess acid in the body causes weight gain, and so removing these acidic foods will help you lose weight. In general, the advice is really good to encourage general healthy eating; lots of veg, fruit, nuts, seeds and legumes and cutting down on meat, sugar, alcohol, caffeine and grains. Because of the reduction (or complete removal) of things like meat and dairy, it can be good for vegan dieters. Generally, because you're thinking more about the quality of the food you're eating and focussing on lots of fruit and veg, it will naturally lower your calorie intake, which of course will help you to lose weight. And, as we know, it's never a bad thing to limit your intake of sugar and processed foods.

When you lose weight from dieting, it's not just fat that's going. There's water and sometimes lean muscle mass as well. Fluid-loss can be deceiving because it's often temporary and can fluctuate even on a daily basis. Losing muscle however is worse - it affects more than just your strength but also your metabolic rate and insulin sensitivity. In short, people with less muscle mass aren't as efficient when it comes to burning fat.

A horse's age plays a major role in his ability to maintain winter weight, as the fingerlike projections that absorb nutrients in a horse's digestive tract don't work as well as the horse ages. Like humans, older horses' teeth as well as kidneys and liver, also deteriorate over time, which is why it's imperative to keep your horse's digestive system as healthy as possible through good feeding habits and attention to overall health.

After daylight saving time the days get gradually longer, meaning you have more time to stay active and accomplish what you need to during the waking hours. Use the extra sunlight to try an outdoor exercise class, head to the farmer's market to pick up a healthy dinner, or simply relax outside with a book and get some vitamin D. According to Italian researchers , vitamin D deficiency is linked to a higher risk of obesity and obesity-related complications, while taking vitamin D supplements might result in weight loss in obese and overweight people who are vitamin D deficient.

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