13 Women Whose 'Reverse' Body Transformations Are Inspiring

Weight Loss & Wellness Retreat Reinvented

Losing weight is not a struggle only for humans. As if that isn't bad enough, an obese person spends roughly 42 percent more in medical costs than does a person of healthy weight, putting an enormous strain on America's already-bloated health-care system. And they are spending billions on commercial weight-loss plans as well: In 2017 diet plans such as Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, Nutrisystem and others totaled $3.03 billion, according to Marketdata LLC, a market research firm that has been tracking the U.S. weight-loss market since 1989.

A nutrition database at its core, YAZIO is a tool to not only hone your body but sharpen your mind. That sounds too good to be true - until you consider the brainpower you can get from a balanced diet and the willpower you can unlock by tracking results. Seeing what you eat and how your work out affects your weight (and your mood!) will reinforce good habits, helping you to restructure your routine a little bit at a time to develop a healthier, happier life.

Cheat meals" are a common gimmick a lot of diet plans use to help people deal with the challenges of sticking to a strict diet program, but they break your weight loss momentum and can also damage your health. In a 2015 study in The FASEB Journal, researchers took blood samples from volunteers who were struggling with obesity and those who were lean and healthy. Of course, the samples showed different readings in terms of cholesterol and blood sugar. Then, both groups were given a high-calorie shake. When blood was taken from them after the shake, those whose readings had been healthy earlier showed the same sort of elevated risk factors for heart disease and diabetes as the unhealthy group.

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