11 Best Vegan Weight Loss Foods

Good Hope Vanilla Red Tea Bags

What do Kendall Jenner, Snooki, Vanessa Hudgens, and Lindsay Lohan have in common? Results of this study demonstrated not only the self-reported overweight in Finnish 15-year olds, but also that the majority of overweight adolescents were aware of their weight status. Findings revealed apparent gender differences in self-perception of weight, body dissatisfaction, and in engagement in weight control behaviour among overweight adolescents. The results emphasise the need for further research into the impact of gender on the attitudes towards own weight and the importance of the size and shape of the body.

Other superfoods in the range include products made from chia seeds, goji berries, acai berries, hempseed and mulberries to mention just a few. The range covers ready-to-eat snacks as well as prepared ingredients that make it easier to add these nutrition powerhouses to the diet.

Working from home is a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, you have the freedom to dress however you'd like, finish assignments from the comfort of your living room couch, and have an entire kitchen at your disposal whenever the afternoon munchies come on strong. It's great unless you're trying to lose weight.

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