Russian Jailers Deny Sentsov Weight Loss On 30 Kg

Famous Ukrainian Comedian Hardly Recognized After Weight Loss

10 Exercises that Will Make You Burn Belly Fat without Having to Jog or Run Diet & Fitness If you want to shed a few extra pounds, the best way to do this is with the help of resistance training which will better your strength and endurance, making your body more toned and slimmer. Drinking in Ukraine is an experience. It is traditional to offer a drink to guests, usually many business deals are closed while drinking together. The Ukrainian specialty id horika (vodka), there is also an excellent selection of wines from the Carpathian Region and Crimea; one can also find authentic Italian, French, Australian wines in large supermarkets and most restaurants. Ukrainian beers are very tasty and of good quality, the best beers are brewed by Lvivske and Obolon CJSC.

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