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In June 1933, a doctor in what is now Ukraine penned a letter to a friend. The hardest things about losing weight are having the energy to workout and the discipline to stick to your diet. Oolong tea, or 'black dragon tea' can help you on both fronts. This tea is chock full of catechins like those found in green teas. These powerful compounds help metabolize fat, resulting in high levels of energy and accelerated fat loss. The delicious flavor will have you reaching for a cup of tea instead of unhealthy treats and desserts.

9.2.5. Hot food shall be available to passengers on board the aircraft both free of charge and at a charge in accordance with standards of the airline. Food and hot drinks may not be provided to passengers, if such conditions are defined by the rules of the carrier or the customer (tour operator) and the passenger is informed of the conditions of service on board before concluding the air transportation contract or purchasing a travel package.

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