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Before deciding on the scale of collar to purchase, it is important to remember that the coaching aides are short-term tools solely; they are not for use for the remainder of your canine's life. The aim of Don Sullivan's training dog doctor System is to empower you to coach your canine to a stage of off-leash responsiveness within a short time frame, roughly four to 8 weeks. It is at this stage of obedience that you'll now not need to make use of the equipment on a regular basis.

A:The Freedom Coaching Line Set contains: 1 x 10 foot line, 1 x 3 foot line, and 1 x 6 inch line. The three totally different traces are used for various areas and coaching workouts e.g. whether inside or exterior the house; and whether or not engaged on boundary line training or the Down" command. Every dog training line also represents a special stage within the coaching process and assists in reaching the goal of the Belief Zone." The Trust Zone" is the point at which an proprietor can trust his dog to behave," no matter distractions and temptations, with no need to be restrained by a leash or collar.

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