Jose Mourinho Deserves To Preserve His Job At Manchester United. Here is Why

three Things That Have Gone Wrong For Mourinho & Co.

manchester unitedManchester United: three Issues That Have Gone Improper For Mourinho & Co. Following that defeat to Sevilla, Mourinho went on his now notorious 12-minute "football heritage" rant and his bad temper from last season has seemingly carried over into the brand new campaign. It also boasts almost double the operating azealia banks revenue of its local rival and present Premier League champion Manchester City, but it is finding on-field concord tougher to come by firstly of the new soccer season.

Right now although, past generating as much cash as is humanly attainable, it does not feel like there may be any course within the membership itself. It's a constant collection of knee-jerk reactions. Quick we need a brand new manager, just seize that guy. Holy heck let's seize jay z that participant as a result of he's out there. Things aren't going like we blindly hoped, perhaps we want a Director of Football? How does it fit together? Shh! It all be effective, simply look how much money we are generating.

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